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Welcome to Maxthon Beta program. Join us, make Maxthon better and make browsing better!

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Installation instruction for Mac Beta version

Thanks for downloading "Maxthon5 Mac beta version". Beta version is a test version that needs further polish. So you are welcome to give us any feedback and suggestions here in "MX5 for Mac Testers" group while using Mac version. Thank you for the support!

Installation steps:

Step 1: Copy Maxthon: open "Finder", find the newly downloaded "Maxthon" from "Download" folder. Right click and execute "Copy 'Maxthon'";

Step 2: Paste Maxthon to Applications: open "Applications" in "Finder", right click blank space and choose "Paste Item";

Step 3: If MX4 was installed before, there will appear a notice "An older item named 'Maxthon' already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the newer one you're removing?" we highly recommend you to choose "Keep Both" (MX5 and MX4 can coexist without any interference